1. Probiotic Foods in Health and Disease


"Probiotic Foods in health and Disease" compiled by leading experts is a blend of fundamental and applied research related to the use of these important organisms in enhancement of human health. The book aims at covering all aspects of the intestinal microflora and offers a comprehensive review of the broad array of effects that can be attributed to probiotic usage. While the thirst remains the latest and most existing findings in the field of gut health, it also opens a window to the possible role of probiotics beyond the gut such as oral health care, allergic disorders and women's health. In addition the book reviews pertinent legislation regulating the use of probiotics across the globe with special emphasis on Japan, a country which pioneered the establishment of a regulatory framework for functional foods, or foods that promote a health benefit besides providing basic nutrition. Each chapter offers a insight of the topic, reviews current research and discusses future direction. Most of the references that have been cited in the book chapters are recent, exploit modern methodologies, good controls and rational explanations for the probiotic benefits.

2. Evidence Based Health Benefits of Probiotics


The book "Evidence Based Health Benefits of Probiotics" presents a broad overview of the current understanding and latest developments in the field of probiotics for maintenance of health and disease prevention. The contributors have expertly elaborated the potential role of probiotics in early development, child and adult health and evaluated its use in prevention and control of various diseases. The contents of the book reflect the wide spectrum of research that has been undertaken and the advances that have been made.

3. Role of Probiotics in Intestinal Milieu and Disease Management


The proceedings of the 1st India Probiotic Symposium "Role of Probiotics in Intestinal Milieu and Disease Management" provides an insight into the role of probiotics in improvement of intestinal health and prevention of enteric infections.