Packaging Waste

Dealing with Plastic Pollution is an essential priority for us. Yakult is truly
committed to reducing Environmental Pollution.

Safety and Strength

The plastic bottle of Yakult has been tested for its safety and other parameters and complies with the recently notified Food Safety and Standards (Packaging) Regulations, 2018 which makes it mandatory to thoroughly test the packaging materials (plastic or otherwise) for any food product.

The strength of the plastic bottle of Yakult has also been tested repeatedly to ensure that both the quality of the product and the specific number of probiotic bacteria (6.5 billion LcS) that are essential for the health benefit are maintained throughout the shelf life of forty days.

  • dustbinOur Bottle is recyclable one.
  • bactiriaPlastic we use for our bottles is
    polystyrene and made of Carbon and Hydrogen.
  • dustbinIf it is burnt, no harmful substances are
    released into the atmosphere.
  • dustbinYakult Bottle has been used in 40 Countries
    and regions for over 50 years.

To comply with Extended Producers’ Responsibility in Plastic Waste Management (Amendment), Rules 2018, Yakult Danone India initiated the plastic waste collection and recycling through two Waste Management Companies (WMC) – IPCA (Indian Pollution Control Association) and NEPRA. We have registered with the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to ensure a cleaner environment for India.  These two agencies have started collecting and recycling plastic waste from the environment on our behalf and provide us with a certificate on a monthly basis.

The constant request for Biodegradable material as an alternate to plastic may not be the ultimate solution. According to the UN report (Single Use Plastics – A Roadmap for Sustainability) that was published in 2018, biodegradable plastic items break down in the environment only if exposed to very high temperature (above 50° C) which is very rare and this material does not degrade in oceans.

Committed to Protecting
the Environment

As a responsible company we are truly committed to the objective of reducing environmental pollution and firmly believe that a Sound Waste Management system will be a more sustainable and realistic option for the time moment. In the long term, together with R&D department at our headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, we will double our efforts to develop alternative materials which will be guaranteed in safety, strength, compatibility with our probiotic bacteria and mass production facility and stable procurement in India.