Yakult Testimonials

I have been drinking Yakult for over 2 years. My overall health has improved and my digestive system is well under control. What more do I wish for at this age? I have even introduced Yakult to my wife and friends.

Cdr. Saxena with wife Weena

- Cdr. Saxena with wife Weena, (Pune)

A probiotic drink like Yakult enhances your immunity, building a healthy body and mind. Personally, Yakult has really helped my children build a stronger immune system for a healthier day, every day.

Monisha Pandit and daughter Anuja

- Monisha Pandit and daughter Anuja, (Pune)

My daughter, Alaina used to have a weak stomach. But that was 2 years ago. Ever since we included Yakult in our daily diet, our health has improved remarkably. It has even strengthened our immunity.

Rishika Madaya and daughter Alaina

- Rishika Madaya and daughter Alaina, (Bangalore)

Yakult has done a world of good to us. My family was introduced to this delicious drink by a Yakult Lady. It's been more than 2 years now. We suggested Yakult to our friends and it's a huge success among them as well. Kudos to Yakult!

Hanif Somji with Jenice, Jehan and Mishka

- Hanif Somji with Jenice, Jehan and Mishka, (Pune)

Yakult is a very delicious probiotic drink and it keeps my family protected throughout the year!! Both my sons are big fans of Yakult. It has built their immunity, especially in this rainy season in Pune. Thanks to Yakult, my family is more active and we have a healthier digestive system.

Sunaina & Prashant Garg

- Sunaina & Prashant Garg, (Pune)

Probiotics have been a part of my family's diet since very long, as we've lived abroad for years. Be it my parents or my children, we all consume probiotics on a daily basis. I am glad that after returning to India I found Yakult, to keep my family's health in order.

Monisha Babbar, Businesswoman

- Monisha Babbar, Businesswoman, New Delhi

Yakult is an integral part of my family's daily diet.Recently, my granddaughter had taken strong antibiotics but with the regular intake of Yakult she quickly overcame the adverse effects of the drugs. The paleness on her face was replaced by a pink radiance.

Dr. Krishna Bal

- Dr. Krishna Bal, Educational Consultant (M.A., LLB., Ph.D.), NEW DELHI

Good health in a small bottle-that's Yakult for me. My family's health is more secure and we are less prone to illnesses, thanks to Yakult's 6.5 billion bacteria. It tastes great, is readily available, and makes me worry less. It has also drastically reduced our trips to the doctor's clinic!

Pooja Sehgal

- Pooja Sehgal, Marketing Professional, New Delhi

When I returned to India after living in the U.S for 17 years, I went through a period of frequent stomach upset. Summers were harder than winters till I discovered Yakult. Over the last few months, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my immunity and a noticeable fall in stomach related ailments. Now, my entire family takes Yakult and my son is in love with its taste.

Aseem Sharma

- Aseem Sharma, Entrepreneur, Gurgaon