Do you want to SPRING Clean your GUT

Do you want to SPRING Clean your GUT

As the winter months slide by, and we spring into warmer temperature, there is excitement and happiness in the air. It means we can spend more time outdoors, without the need for warm winter clothes.

Yet again, it is time for walks, physical activity, and fun. Suddenly there is laughter all around and people are geared to party. A study from the University of Michigan showed, that spending 30 minutes or more outside, on a warm and sunny weather, leads to a lighter mood and better memory.

After gorging on heavy spicy fried food, that made winters so interesting, it is time again to resort to light meals and cleanse the GUT. Also, by the time we enter into spring, many of us stray away from our New Year Resolutions and go back to our old, sometimes unhealthy, food habits.

Some interesting ways of gut cleansing include:


1. Start your day with a glass of warm water

One of the best things you can do for your gut, is start your day with a glass of warm water. It helps to clear out all the toxins from the body. It also stimulates digestion, and helps in the removal of the unwanted waste, from the body.

2. Avoid Heavy Meals

Like the old saying goes …. Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper. Avoid eating heavy meals, especially at night. Try and have dinner at least three hours before going to bed.

3. Probiotics in the limelight

There is good reason why probiotics, should be included as a part of the diet, during the changing season. It is again that time of the year when the immune system is getting accustomed to the changing weather, and therefore needs a boost. Studies from across the world have shown that regular consumption of probiotics, can help to boost immunity and prevent seasonal infections. They also help maintain the balance of the bacteria in the gut, which help in better digestion of foods and absorption of nutrients. Not only that, but probiotics can also influence the brain and help you feel calm and less stressed.


4. Follow a nutrient sequence

To ensure that the food you eat is well digested, eat protein rich foods first, followed by fibre and then starchy foods. This will ensure that food is well digested, and your blood sugar levels are under control.


5. Bulk on green leafy vegetables and fruits

To feel light during the day, go for green leafy vegetables and fruits. Have a bowl of salad, half an hour before your meal, it will help you feeling full for a longer time.

6. Avoid (over) ripe fruits

Fruits are best eaten at just ripe, or slightly underripe stage. You can also eat the peel of the fruit that are edible, after washing them well with drinking water. Consuming overripe fruits can make you sick.

7. Fresh ingredients

Avoid ready to eat, ultra processed foods and consume food made of fresh ingredients. This will help the body get nutrients in their purest form.

8. The Millet Mantra

Millets are a natural source of iron, zinc, calcium and B complex vitamins. These complex carbohydrates are a rich source of dietary fibre and a nutritional solution to many chronic diseases. Try and include one form of millet in your daily diet.

9. Cooking oil

Choose a cooking oil that contains omega 3 fatty acids. Good choices are soy, mustard, rice bran and canola oil.

10. Restful sleep

Crucial for our well – being and costs nothing. Ensure that all gadgets like mobile phone, laptop and TV is switched off. We need at least 7-8 hours of sleep. We also tend to eat the heaviest meal at night which can disrupt our sleep.

11. Physical activity

With spring round the corner, there is no excuse to get lazy. Get moving and engage in physical activity. A jog around the park or a brisk walk is very important to ensure that you stay in shape.



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